Windows 7 1394 Firewire devices not working?

The 1394 FireWire driver was updated in the Windows 7 and some older 1394 devices may not be compatible with the new driver. The old driver is still available as highlighted here. This solved my initial problems with a Maxtor III OneTouch drive. See this site for details Picture1.png


Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Technical Update-AUG-2009

I recently provided this brief update on what’s new in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 to a number of organisations. Please follow the attached link and download the presentation file for details.


Microsoft monthly Update

I publish this update each month. It is a summary of all the public information on the website in one convenient document. I hope you find it useful. I’m not sure whether to continue to publish it to my regular contacts via email or to publish it here on my blog. Your thoughts are…


Get Started with the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle templatefor VSTS

Microsoft SDL Process Template for Visual Studio Team System The Microsoft SDL Process Template for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System is a downloadable template that directly integrates the Security Development Lifecycle v4.1 into your software development. It generates a detailed Final Security Review report that provides an up-to-the-minute overview of security issues, testing results,…


Windows 7 for MSDN subscribers soon …

It’s good to be an MSDN subscriber. On August 6th, the first public release of Windows 7 will be available to MSDN Subscribers, which is over two months ahead of the general availability date of October 22nd for retail and OEM customers. ·          All Windows 7 Client (x86 and x64) Retail and VL Editions –…


Looking for Team Foundation Server – Quality Center integration solutions?

You may already be aware of these resources but …   –          You can find a pre-release version of the Microsoft TFS Quality Center Connector here The corresponding blog post is here   –         You can also find a commercial bug sync connector here   –          Both of the above resources are references…


PDC 2009

    ABOUT THE PDC   The Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is Microsoft’s premier gathering of leading-edge developers and architects.  Attendees come from around the world to learn about the future of Microsoft’s developer platform, exchange ideas with Microsoft technology experts, and network with fellow professionals.  This is the conference you need to attend if…