Moving on …

After 5.74 great years at Microsoft I have decided to move on to the next big thing. This blog will soon be closed down. You can find my Monthly Update material at my other blog –> Thanks for your interest and support during my time at Microsoft. Chris. 

Updated product lifecycle Gantt chart

I create this graphical view of the publicly available product support lifecycle information published at I hope you find it useful. Thanks. Chris.   [Moderator: Attachment Removed]

Microsoft Monthly Update November 2009

Here is my latest update for November and my final for 2009. This is a consolidation of a variety of publicly available content from Microsoft. I hope you find the information useful. Your feedback is welcome.   Thanks. Chris. Microsoft Monthly Update November 2009.pdf

Microsoft Acquires Teamprise Assets

Today Microsoft announced the acquisition of the Teamprise-related assets of SourceGear LLC. From Teamprise is a suite of client applications for accessing Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server from outside of the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Teamprise enables software development teams to use the source control, work item tracking, build, and reporting…

Microsoft Monthly Update Sep/Oct 2009

Hi,   Here is my Microsoft Monthly Update covering September and October 2009. I hope you find the information useful.   Thanks. Chris. Microsoft Monthly Update Sep-Oct 2009.pdf

Good overview of application performance testing and management with Visual Studio 2008/2010

If you have ever been caught with performance problems you should watch this PDC 2008 session. If you have never had performance problems … you should still watch the session because you may not know you already have a problem 🙂 Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability You may also find this insight into the…

Come and get it! Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2

  MSDN Subscribers: Download the Beta The Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework Beta 2 is available to MSDN subscribers now, with general availability on October 21st (22nd in Australia). This c9 video is a great way to get started 10-4 Episode 33: Downloading and Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Also check out the…

BizTalk Tuning Tips

You can find a PDF copy of the slide deck Mark Burch and I presented at TechEd Australia 2009 here. If you attended TechEd you can login and find the official version on the TechEd Australia 2009 website here.   sampleslide.jpg

Windows 7 1394 Firewire devices not working?

The 1394 FireWire driver was updated in the Windows 7 and some older 1394 devices may not be compatible with the new driver. The old driver is still available as highlighted here. This solved my initial problems with a Maxtor III OneTouch drive. See this site for details Picture1.png


Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Technical Update-AUG-2009

I recently provided this brief update on what’s new in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 to a number of organisations. Please follow the attached link and download the presentation file for details.