Windows Server 2008 R2 Developer Training

Check out this set of nifty Windows Server 2008 R2 training tidbits for developers:   New R2 Learning Center   Explore this significant Windows Server release via a self-paced training course of videos and hands-on-labs with a focus on performance, web, management, and other server solution scenarios.   Learn about developing applications for “many-core” scale, enable…


Sydney Wave Launch Photos

The photos from the Sydney Wave launch have been published to Flickr and there’s some beauties!  Mike Heald also took some pictures, including me behind the Partner-TV camera! Below, from left to right are pictures of Dave Glover, Martin Gregory, Nick Mayhew, Oscar Trimboli, David Lean, me, Callum Meek, Jorke Odolphi, Andy Coates and Richard…


Get your 2008 Wave Launch T-shirt Here

As per the normal tradition of a launch, the obligatory T-shirt is an absolute must.  Click here to take the quiz (you’ll need to sign in) and correctly answer 8 out of 10 questions about Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 to win.  Terms & Conditions apply naturally, including the need…


SQL Server 2008 Training

Greg & Andrew both beat me to blogging this.  The Australian Partner Readiness site has three SQL2008 sessions listed: SQL 2008 for Developers SQL 2008 BI – JumpStart SQL 2008 : IT PRO Admin : 1 Day JumpStart Also check these out from Andy’s blog: Application Platform & Windows Server 2008: 1 Day JumpStart BizTalk…


10 Coolest Features in Windows Server 2008

Good article on the top 10 features in the new Windows Server… almost all of which are directly beneficial to hosters. Technorati Tags: Software + Services, ServerWatch, Windows Server 2008


Andy Lees Videos

I have just posted the third Andrew Lees video to Partner-TV Australia.  Andy visited Australia last month and we interviewed him on Bondi Beach as well as filming the 2008 Launch Wave Partner Briefing at our Sydney office. Partner-TV: 60 Seconds on the 2008 Launch Wave (just over 1 minute) Partner-TV: Andy Lees on the…


ISV Team Visiting Canberra

We received lots of feedback, from people like Jeff and the .NET Clusters that we should add Canberra to our list of ISV Innovation Days.  So I am pleased to announce that we are visiting Canberra on 11 December and will be using the Microsoft Office as the venue. So, if you are based in…


SQL Code Camps Event

The SQL Down Under Code Camp and Security Camp Oz are being held on 13-14 October at the Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga.  This is an annual event (as with CodeCampOz for developers) and 400-500 attendees from around Australia are expected.  Head over to the Code Camp website for more information: Technorati Tags: Microsoft,…


ISV Innovation Days for 2008 launch wave products

  ISV Innovation Days will allow you to connect with the Microsoft ISV Virtual Team (including the Partner Team – SMS&P; our Developer Platform Evangelism – DPE) and learn about the advantages and resources of becoming an early adopter for the 2008 launch wave products (Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008) and…


October Training Update

Want to ready yourself? Want to increase your profitability? Visit the Training & Readiness Centre which aims at providing our partners with valuable sales and technical learning resources for Technical, Sales & Marketing people to: Improve your knowledge of Microsoft’s industry-leading solutions Meet your customer’s needs more effectively and Increase their – and your -…