Innovation Days, November 2008

We are about to announce our next ISV Innovation Day road show across Australia scheduled for the end of November 2008.  The main theme this year is Software plus Services, which I’m sure won’t surprise many of you.  We’ll be using content from the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) which is in LA at the end…


Amnesia have Surfaced

I’m jealous and delighted that Amnesia took delivery of Australia’s first two Microsoft Surface tables. Hopefully they’ll find their way to TechEd.  Nice one guys… and by the way, where’s my invite?


Scott Guthrie on Microsoft’s Play for Rich Internet Applications

Our Scott Guthrie (who heads up the Silverlight development team) was interviewd by Knowledge@Wharton.  Visit the site to download/play the audio.  Questions from Knowledge@Wharton include: Microsoft just launched the first beta of Silverlight 2. Why is this important? What’s Microsoft’s revenue model for Silverlight? How will you decide when to go with Silverlight versus other…


Visual Studio 2008 Centre in Silverlight

One of the first Silverlight-enabled development centres for Visual Studio 2008 has been launched.  Some of the features include: Animated landing page that highlights some of the features of each of the Visual Studio 2008 Express products Interactive menus to explore by interest and by product sections Interactive product feature tours for each of the…

ReMix Australia 2008

Details on ReMix Australia have been announced.  The details are: 1 day in 2 cities 20th May in Sydney 22nd May in Melbourne Opening Keynote followed by 2 streams (technical track is owned by Michael Kordahi and the creative track is owned by ShaneMo so give them your feedback on what you need) Tickets will…

How XAML Transforms the collaboration between designers and developers in WPF

Great software requires collaboration between developers and designers. In this white paper, learn how Microsoft’s new user interface platform, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), emphasizes the collaboration between designers and developers. Revolutionizing software design in the process.  To access the whitepaper, click here.


Silverlight to power Jackass 2.5

Later this month, Blockbuster will premiere the first full-length feature film, Jackass 2.5, directly to online audiences on Windows and Mac using Microsoft Silverlight.  The movie will be free, for anyone in the US, 17 or older, courtesy of Blockbuster at beginning December 19th through December 31st, 2007 This marks a transformational shift in…


Happy Applications

Our very own RIA Evangelist, Scott Barnes, talks about some of his ideas on how UX could be different tomorrow… what if applications reacted to your emotional state and had a focus on cheering you up should you be angry?  Or look to ensure you are kept focused should you be in a goofy mood? …


Popfly for Business

John’s post on Popfly seems to have popped up a lot in the Microsoft blogsphere recently.  There’s a great example on how Popfly could be used in the retail space with the “Gift-o-Matic”… I thought I was pretty familiar with what it could do after a few of Nick Hodge’s demos… but this is cool…


When, How and Why Move to Silverlight?

I enjoyed reading Denny’s post on the “Question of When, How and Why to Move to Silverlight”. 3 of my favourite excerpts: “If you have a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.” Don’t Fall Into the “Version 3” Trap Denny’s answer to this question: “Why should I consider going with Silverlight when I already…