HTC HD2 coming in January

It is the Christmas present that is worth the wait ‘til January!  The HTC HD2 You can win 1 of 5 HTC HD2 Windows phones by visiting telling the team in 25 words or less how the HTC HD2 will improve your life. Needless to say, I WANT ONE.


Introducing FranklySpeaking

Two of our Developer Evangelists, Andrew Coates and Michael Kordahi (as seen in the “we’re looking for a boss” video) have setup a new podcast, “FranklySpeaking”. It’s a great listen and if you’re interested in technology, I think you’ll enjoy it too…  Let the boys know what you think…

Sydney is a Toy City

Bathtub II from Keith Loutit on Vimeo. Mic showed me these great videos from Keith Loutit.  I thought it was some uber detailed model but it’s a time lapsed video without CGI which is just amazing.  It reminds me of micro machines…


Sexy is now PC

I saw this ad today driving home which made me smile from Dell promoting the Studio Hybrid Desktop, which start from $1000 with Windows Vista Premium, which sounds ideal for a media centre PC. Anybody have one?  Unboxing video here and plenty of reviews here…


Steve Clayton is Best Blogger

My old boss, Steve Clayton (aka Geek in Disguise) has been voted top blogger AND! won the Company blog in the IT Blog Awards 2008. Outstanding work.  Steve, a huge congratulations from Down Under 🙂


Amnesia have Surfaced

I’m jealous and delighted that Amnesia took delivery of Australia’s first two Microsoft Surface tables. Hopefully they’ll find their way to TechEd.  Nice one guys… and by the way, where’s my invite?


Get your 2008 Wave Launch T-shirt Here

As per the normal tradition of a launch, the obligatory T-shirt is an absolute must.  Click here to take the quiz (you’ll need to sign in) and correctly answer 8 out of 10 questions about Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 to win.  Terms & Conditions apply naturally, including the need…


My New Delicate Genius T-Shirt

I was privileged to receive a Delicate Genius T-shirt from the Delicate Genius himself last week.  As promised Michael, here I am showing off my new wardrobe 🙂 Thanks!


Silverlight to power Jackass 2.5

Later this month, Blockbuster will premiere the first full-length feature film, Jackass 2.5, directly to online audiences on Windows and Mac using Microsoft Silverlight.  The movie will be free, for anyone in the US, 17 or older, courtesy of Blockbuster at beginning December 19th through December 31st, 2007 This marks a transformational shift in…