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Our Azure Lead, Greg Willis, was busy last week with the Australian Launch Event on Tuesday 23rd here in Sydney!  

Azure launch Sydney by ChristianL.Our keynote speaker, David Chappell, delivered an excellent presentation on cloud platforms in general which was very well received by the crowd in both Sydney and Melbourne. David was followed by Dianne O’Brien, with a review of our commercial models, SLA and promotional offers. Dianne also announced the commercial availability of Windows Azure in Australia for next month (April 2010) so watch this space for promotional offers and MSDN benefits.

Gianpaolo Carraro wrapped up the day by showcasing some early adopters, including appearances by adslot, ajiliti and Joomla!   We also highlighted the strong early support we have from customers and partners here in Australia who are working with us on Windows Azure, from the likes of MYOB and ninemsn:


We’re looking forward to the commercial release in April. In the meantime, visit for everything you need to start building apps on the Azure Platform.

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  1. Tony Drake says:

    thanks- i’ve been frustraied that azure was avaliable in NZ (among other places) for a while now…

    Can I wait…. probably.

    not long now… greg willis will be the first to report availability. thanks for your patience…

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