Innovate On Site Re-Launched


The new version of InnovateOn site has been launched with many new features:

  • Streamlined registration
    The new registration engine significantly reduces the time required for a new partner to enrol
  • Multiple technology enrolment 
    Users can register a solution once and choose multiple Microsoft technologies that are being used in the solution. 
  • Improved navigation
    The new site has a simplified primary navigation and site layout to make it easier for users to access the information they need. 
  • Solution-focused visual search
    Innovate On now has a Silverlight-based visual search feature that allows users to find relevant Microsoft resources for their solution, based on the technologies used, the audience, and the phase of the solution lifecycle the solution is currently in. 
  • Better access to benefits
    A new benefits widget allows users to easily access all of their benefits from a single location.
  • New data-driven architecture 
    Innovate On was rebuilt from the ground up to provide a solid, secure, and flexible platform that will allows us to improve content management and add additional features over time.

So what does that mean for you?


So if you are developing using one of these technologies there are benefits to help you launch your product into market:


as well as:

  • Centralized Resources for Solution Development We’ve compiled the resources you need to build, test, and market your solution within one central resource, the Innovate On Web site. Resources include links to testing tools, developer SDKs, technical forums, online training, and much more.

  • Access to Market Research These reports, compiled by leading market research firms, are available at no charge to members of the Microsoft Partner Program. This is valuable information you can use to identify specific needs of your current clients or prospects.

  • Certified Logo Program When your application passes independent testing, you receive a distinctive logo that offers proof of technical excellence to your customers.

  • Sales and Marketing Support Receive prominent placement in Microsoft directories, discounts on search advertising, inclusion in product launch activities, and more.

Visit the site at

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