Want an Introduction to a System Integrator?


Just when you were thought you were safe from the speed dating scene, Nick Mayhew (our Partner Strategy and Programs Lead) is making an offer you can't refuse. 

As an ISV, if you want to meet an SI, then here's what you do:

Step 1: Visit the Channel Builder site and submit a request

Step 2: Send Nick Mayhew an email via this post (some words of what you are looking for and/or a picture - maybe not of yourself, but a company logo)

Step 3: Nick will be in touch (no guarantee of a perfect match, but he'll try his best). 

Step 4: Review the P2P (partner to partner) connections on his blog using this tag.

If this is successful, we'll work out a way of scaling this so if you're interested, please get in touch.


PS - keep an eye out for the "Partner Fast Lane" events to meet people face to face... dates to published soon.

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