SQL Down Under Event

Another one from Chuck: SQL Code Camp is sure to be the SQL Server event of the year!

The site for the 2007 event is now being updated and is at: http://www.sqldownunder.com/CodeCamp/tabid/53/Default.aspx with a RSS feed.

Many great local speakers have already indicated they’ll be there and while not 100% locked-in, Kevin Kline (http://www.quest.com/newsroom/Kevin-Kline.aspx) has indicated he intends to be a special guest too.

Security Camp Oz (www.securitycampoz.com) will also be running side-by-side this year with our SQL event and we’ve kept the timetable identical so you can move between events on a session-by-session basis if you’d like.

If you are intending to come, please email Greg Low  so we can plan catering. Please also book your accommodation early as there is likely to be a bit of a shortage in town, with the security camp and a vintage car show happening as well.

If you’d like to speak, a call for submissions is now open. You’ll need to send a short session summary, title and a current short bio on yourself so they can be considered but please do so quickly.

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