Twitter! Twitter! Twitter!


This made me laugh as it's so true...

It took me a little while to understand what Twitter was all about, and all though I'm not as mad on Twitter as @FrankArr or the other guys in his team, it's really useful for events and meeting people.

Although this Digg article makes an interesting read about Pownce vs Twitter.  Is Pownce the next social networking service?  And for how long?!

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  1. Todd Jordan says:

    Great cartoon!  Twitter has become a new outlet on life for folks.  It seems my friends are split on any app in this vein, but a few are coming along.

    Pownce seems to beat Twitter all the way around, except for user base, and that’s getting fixed rapidly.

    Funny cartoon!

  2. Hugh has some great cartoons… you should subscribe to his blog for more:

    The jury is still out for me re Pownce vs. Twitter 🙂

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