Discounted Software to Develop Your .NET Solution

I am presenting my first LiveMeeting on 6 June with Luisa (pictured above).  Apart from hearing my Pommy accent, please attend if you are interested in obtaining Microsoft Empower for ISV's.  In a nutshell, if you are an ISV building in .NET you can get 5 MSDN Licenses for $875 per year if you fulfil a few requirements!

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What is Empower?

Microsoft Empower for ISVs is a comprehensive program designed to help you overcome technical hurdles, test your software and speed your application to market. Turn Microsoft technology leadership into innovative opportunities for your own solutions with this great initiative.

Benefits include:

1. Access to Microsoft developer tools and resources.

2. An MSDN Premium Edition subscription.

3. Early access to pre-release Microsoft Software.

4. Advisory Service - 10 hours of deep developer focused technical assistance.

Learn how you can get all these benefits and more for only $875 per year by registering for the complimentary Web cast now!

White Paper:

To understand more about how and why partners have become a Microsoft Partner, read this excellent IDC white paper: Microsoft ISV/Software Solutions Competency: Partner Pathway to Business Performance

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