Are you a Girl Geek?

GirlGeekDinner, donne e tecnologia

If so, check out this posting I saw this on Anna Liu’s blog today about FITT and an announcement for a new trial Mentoring Program to:

  • Inspire women in the industry to achieve their personal aspirations and potential AND
  • Assist women to broaden their understanding of the ICT industry.

FITT has always been keen to create connections for our membership, and Anna believes this mentoring program is a fantastic way to create great connections, support each other and share knowledge. To make this trial will be successful, sign up:

Aussie Girl Geeks anyone? I know Frank is interested! Please ping me if there’s such a thing in Australia...

Seriously though, if you consider yourself to be a “Girl Geek”, also check out UK’s Eileen Brown’s posting about Women Business and Blogging and Raising Your Profile in Technology which mentions the woman business and blogging conference held in Leicester (UK) on Friday 8th June (register here if you're in the neighbourhood and interested in attending).

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  1. Bronwen says:

    Haven’t heard of a Girl Geek dinner in Aus….but if you do let me know.  I know i’ve had a few conversations with Frank about getting more girls involved.

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