Partner Conference in Denver

If you want the scoop on Microsoft's strategy for our forthcoming financial year, before the Australian Partner Conference in Aug, this annual event in Denver is a must.  The networking with other Partners and Microsoft'ies is the best thing about this conference although it's a long, long way from home.  The parties make up for it though 🙂

Pre-conference events and activities.

Partners who arrive early may participate in events such as the IAMCP Golf Invitational, Microsoft Partner MS101, and WPC Welcome Reception (July 8–9).

More than a dozen keynotes.

Steve Ballmer and other top Microsoft executives reveal company insights around “The Technology Roadmap” (July 10), “The People-Ready Roadmap” (July 11), and “Our Destination” and other region-specific keynotes (July 12).

Hands-On Labs and 150 break-out sessions.

Technical Hands-On Labs will familiarize partners with our latest technologies, while Business Value Hands-On Labs will show them ways to improve their bottom line. We’re also offering more than 150 break-out sessions, plus tracks covering the 13 competencies, sales and marketing, and business leadership.

Unlimited networking opportunities.

WPC Connect is our updated structured networking tool. It’s designed to help partners discover new opportunities by enabling them to easily schedule meetings with approximately 10,000 other partners, exhibitors, industry experts, and Microsoft executives. WPC Connect is available now.

Last year’s conference sold out, so don’t delay. Encourage your partners to register now for WPC 2007 in Denver (July 10–12) at www.microsoftwwpartnerconference.comThe Team expect the event to be sold out by end of this month.

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