Jennifer Marsman Blogs on Surface Development

For all you Surface Fans, my colleague Jennifer Marsman has written a series of blog posts about developing on Microsoft Surface: Surface Development Part 1: What is the Microsoft Surface? Surface Development Part 2: Surface Controls Surface Development Part 3: ScatterView Surface Development Part 4: Reacting to Physical Objects Surface Development Part 5: Futures and…


Adding Style to WPF and Silverlight Apps at DDNUG

I had a great time speaking at the Dallas .NET User Group meeting last night on WPF and Silverlight Styles, Templates and Data Binding.  I’ve posted the slides up on Slideshare and the demos (with the pptx) out on FolderShare.  Here are the links: Adding Style To Your Microsoft Wpf And Silverlight Applications View SlideShare…


UI Patterns at DFWUPA

I attended a great meeting of the DFW Usability Professionals User Group meeting this month at the Central Market in Dallas.  The small room was filled to the brim to see Brian Sullivan talk about Design Patterns.  I was very curious about this talk because although I’m familiar with Software Design Patterns (from numerous sources…


Silverlight DevCamp Update

WOW! I am really excited about all the continued interest in the upcoming Silverlight DevCamp.  I wanted to post something here based on all the questions I’ve been asked over the past 2 days about the event – specifically the "registration is full – can I still come?"  question. The simple answer is, "that’s entirely…


Silverlight DevCamp 2007 – Dallas, TX

Here’s a quick (ok, not so quick) message to all of you attending the Silverlight DevCamp here in Dallas on Saturday, Nov 10th.  If you’re registered on Microsoft World Wide Events, then you already got this message.  If not, here it is in its entirety.  PS – please use the tag “SLDC07” for all blogging,…


Oklahoma Innotech Conference Tomorrow!

Please join me tomorrow at the Oklahoma City InnoTech Conference for my session "A First Look at Silverlight".  I’ll be giving an overview of Microsoft Silverlight and doing some demonstrations of the product. Technorati Tags: Silverlight , Conference , InnoTechOK


Expression Blend and Design : Expression Design Service Pack 1 is now available!

Head over to the Microsoft web site to get your update for Expression Design.  From the original post: What’s new in the Service Pack? Highlights of XAML Export improvements and fixes The XAML Export UI has been updated to make it easier and more intuitive to select the desired export settings. Text can now be…


Seadragon and Photosynth

If you haven’t already seen Seadragon or Photosynth, then you need to watch this video from TED 07.  The speaker, Blaise Aguera y Arcas, is an Architect at Microsoft, and responsible for the Seadragon product. This is AMAZING technology – absolutely unbelievable what they’ve been able to do here.  You can try out Photosynth for…


Tablet PC Fun

Everyone always tells me how great the mac is for doing music.  Here’s a video of Hugh Sung, a concert pianist, using his Tablet PC for doing his music.  Hugh Sung Website I’d like to see a mac do this 🙂