Announcing the first in a series of 6 international barcamp-style events for Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 OS called WinMoDevCamp! WinMoDevCamp is a not-for-profit gathering to develop applications for the upcoming release of the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 O/S.  Attendees will include mobile developers, web developers, .Net Developers, UI designers, and testers, to learning all about…

MSDN TechDays is Coming to Dallas!

Are you ready for a GeekFest?  We’re pulling out all the stops to make the next MSDN event a memorable one!  MSDN TechDays is a three-day geek-out covering a variety of topics for ITPros, Developers and Architects.  We’re holding the first ever MSDN TechDays on November 18-20 at the Dallas Convention Center.  Here’s an overview…


Silverlight on Skyfire

For those that don’t know about it, there is a really cool Internet browser for Windows Mobile 6 called Skyfire.   Skyfire shows a web site on a WM device just as it looks on a normal PC browser.  The user can then pan and zoom and interact with the web page without having to deal…


AT&T Unveils ‘Tilt’ Smartphone

Perhaps this could be my new cell phone.  Yes I know that I just got one recently, but it’s never wrong to buy a new phone-toy to play with. AT&T today unveiled its first Windows Mobile 6-enabled smartphone, the Tilt. Named for its 2.8" screen, which tilts like a laptop’s when slid up to reveal…


Houston TechFest 2007

Michael Steinberg, John Ebeling and the rest of the HDNUG gang have put together a great program this year for the Houston TechFest.  Brad Abrams, GM for the UI FX team at Microsoft (the folks that bring you Winforms, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, and more) will be presenting a keynote address, and yours truly will be…


Microsoft Labs: Project Deepfish

If you’ve ever tried to view a non-mobile-compliant web page from a SmartPhone or PocketPC phone, this product is for you. Go visit the web site, give it a try, and let me know what you think!