The Magician of the Wii-mote

I wrote about this guy a while back and the amazing stuff he was doing with the WII remotes.  Now you can hear him talk IN PERSON at the upcoming MIX 09 conference.  Here’s the info on his session: Interaction Techniques Using the Wii Remote (and Other HCI Projects) Johnny Lee The Wii remote is…


Adding Style to WPF and Silverlight Apps at DDNUG

I had a great time speaking at the Dallas .NET User Group meeting last night on WPF and Silverlight Styles, Templates and Data Binding.  I’ve posted the slides up on Slideshare and the demos (with the pptx) out on FolderShare.  Here are the links: Adding Style To Your Microsoft Wpf And Silverlight Applications View SlideShare…


OKC Developer Group Presentation – Next Gen Web Apps

I had a great time last night at the OKC Developer Group meetings.  I love presenting there because you actually get to do 2 presentations – one at lunch (there was about 85 people in attendance) and one at dinner (about 15 people).  That’s 100 people in one day with two chances to get it…


PostSharp now supports Silverlight 2!

While I was over in Poland a few weeks (or is it months now?) ago I met Gael Fraiteur, creator of the awesome Open Source .NET AOP container called PostSharp.  We had a great talk about development, trends, history and music, as I recall, but one topic we spent a bit of time talking about…

Free Book Offer from Microsoft Learning

Visit Microsoft Learning at to register for 3 free eBooks: Technorati Tags: ebook,free,learning,silverlight,linq,,ajax


Silverlight DevCamp 2007 – Dallas, TX

Here’s a quick (ok, not so quick) message to all of you attending the Silverlight DevCamp here in Dallas on Saturday, Nov 10th.  If you’re registered on Microsoft World Wide Events, then you already got this message.  If not, here it is in its entirety.  PS – please use the tag “SLDC07” for all blogging,…


Blog Series – ASP.NET Futures

I spoke last week at the Dallas ASP.NET User Group meeting about IIS 7.0.  The talk ended a little earlier than I expected, so we opened things up to general questions, and just started discussing whatever came up.  One question I asked the group was “have any of you played with the ASP.NET Futures release…


Tim Rayburn [BizTalk MVP] on C# 3.0

If you’ve ever seen Tim present on this topic, you know how cool his presentations are.  Here’s a screencast of Tim doing is much requested "New Features in C# 3.0". Technorati Tags: .net , c# , timrayburn


Dallas BarCamp 4 – it’s official!

OK – it’s official!  Dallas BarCamp 4 will be held somewhere in Dallas on September 29th, 2007.  I say somewhere, because we’re not sure yet where we’re going to be able to to hold it.  If you’ve got a location that might hold about 200 people during the course of the day and provide good,…


Sure you’re a gamer, but have you got game?

Most every developer I know is a gamer – at least on some level.  Some are totally into shooters like Halo or BioShock,  or realtime strategy and MMORPGs like Halo Wars, WoW or Age of Empires, or those of you like me are interested in Role Playing games like Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.  But – have…