Who wants to win a Surface Table?


As you probably heard, Windows Marketplace for Mobile has been announced as a new offering for WinMo users.  In order to get some applications up there, The WinMo team at Microsoft has created a little friendly competition called the Race to Market Challenge.  When you submit your application to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, you’ll be automatically entered into the competition that makes you eligible to win some fabulous prizes including your very own Surface Table!

Visit the Race to Market Challenge at http://www.mobilethisdeveloper.com to find out more and get your application out on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile today!

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  1. G.T says:

    You know, Apple did not do much to get the developers to write applications for iPhone, if I remember correctly, it was quite the opposite; the developer community was begging apple to open the iPhone API 🙂

    And you may achieve this and more with Windows Mobile, the recipe for success is already out there, RIM and PALM are benefiting from it as well. “Remove the start menu, make the icons larger, improve the graphics and animation, introduce multi touch, improve the screen keyboard, and push the suppliers to use 3.5 inch screens”

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