Slides and Demo from DevCares: MVC

Here are the slides and demo from my talk Friday on MVC.  I really had a great time with everyone, and enjoyed all the really great questions!  If you think of anything else, please let me know via this blog and I’ll find the answers for you.

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  1. Chris Byrom says:

    I really enjoyed the talk, and am looking forward to getting hands-on with MVC in the near future. Thanks!

  2. Pat says:


    I can’t seem to download the zip file you have posted.  It says it can’t find the file.  I was at the meeting as well and thanks for presenting.  My company is actually going to be using MVC and I want to learn more.  ^^


  3. ChrisKoenig says:


    I just clicked on the link above and was able to get to the ZIP file.  If you still can’t get to it today, let me know via the feedback form and I’ll email it back to you.



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