Dallas TechFest 2009

Announcing Dallas TechFest 2009! Dallas TechFest 2009 is a full day of technology learning, not just on one technology but on a broad array of technologies. From Ruby and Java to .NET and Flex there is something for everyone at this day long event. With speakers that are recognized experts in their field, both from…


Tulsa School of Dev 2009

I had a GREAT time at the Tulsa School of Dev today!  I didn’t expect to be able to visit as my wife had plans (meaning I needed to be home with the kids) but when her plans changed I jumped on the chance to come out!  I quickly put together a great talk on…


Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Products

Check out this link I just found:  http://www.microsoft.com/enable/products/keyboard.aspx Shows all the Keyboard Shortcuts for a bunch of the consumer-focused Microsoft products, like Office, Windows and more.  I just entered a live meeting and found this extremely helpful! FTW!


Detecting Network Status in Silverlight 3

I’m totally loving Silverlight 3, and wanted to dig into some of the new features that I learned about at MIX09 this past week.  I’ve already posted on the Silverlight 3 out-of-browser experience, and now I want to augment that with some information on network state detection.  Silverlight applications run on the client – not…


Upcoming MSDN Events for South Central

Lots of great stuff from the upcoming MSDN Unleashed tour for April, May and June.  Check out the list at the bottom of this post for information on cities, dates and times near you!   Session 1: Internet Explorer 8 for Developers The Windows Internet Explorer 8 browser makes it easier to explore and interact…


Silverlight 3 Out-of-Browser Support

I know it was just announced today, but I had to play with the OOB experience in Silverlight 3 and give it a quick Road Test.  Luckily, it is just as simple as it looks.  This short post will give you an overview of creating a simple OOB experience for Silverlight 3. In order to…


#MIX09 Keynote – Day 1

There was a lot of great information shared this morning at the first of the #MIX09 keynotes.  As I reflect on it, it seems that most of it seemed to be centered around Silverlight 3, but there were a few gems tucked away in some other parts of the keynote. First, Bill Buxton from Microsoft…


Journey to Northwest Arkansas

Hey everyone – just wanted to let you know about the upcoming trip I have planned for Northwest Arkansas in April.  Randy Walker has done a great job coordinating with all the groups up there so that I can get to everyone in one week!  Here’s the agenda: Monday April 6th Fort Smith DNUG (6pm-8pm)…


Deep Zoom Composer – February 2009 Preview Released

Man – I can’t believe I missed this!  Well, yes I can – I haven’t had a chance to read blog posts in a couple weeks. Anyway – the famous and exciting Deep Zoom Composer has been updated!  Go grab the latest version:   Expression Blend and Design : Deep Zoom Composer – February 2009…


Microsoft Future Vision Montage

This has been getting a lot of attention recently, so I thought I’d post it here so that you (and I) could easily find it. This is a montage of several different videos that Microsoft has put out for various events recently.  I was a little surprised to see this on Office Labs because I…