Dallas Cloud Computing User Group

windowsIcon Mike Holdorf and Vince Blasberg have collaborated on putting together the inaugural meeting of the Dallas Area Cloud Computing User Group on January 21 from 6-8pm in the Dallas MTC.  It’s great to see the community so excited about embracing the latest Microsoft Cloud Computing technologies including Windows Azure, SQL Data Services and Windows Live Mesh as well as our over-arching Software+Services strategy...  I also like the fact that this group is part of a larger Cloud Computing User Group organization that spans multiple cities across the country. 

Wouldn’t it be cool if they recorded all their sessions and stored them up on their Community Server-based website? (hint, hint)  Hopefully all these user group leaders are registering for INETA (they can use their free Live Meeting account to record the sessions) and CodeZone (they get cool monthly prizes from their CodeZone Kits) to help drive people to their web sites and their meetings.

Anyway, this group meets at the MTC in Dallas, which is located inside our main campus at 7000 State Highway 161 in Irving.

The full invitation can be seen here, and you can register directly at Click2Attend.

See you there!

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  1. Jake Good says:

    Are they going to be solely Microsoft centric? I would possibly attend (as Drop.io is 100% in the cloud, but on AWS)…

  2. ChrisKoenig says:

    From the Cloud Computing Web Site, it looks like it will be primarily Microsoft technologies.  I’d encourage you to attend, and talk about your experiences in the cloud – it would be very valuable regardless of the technology you used as many of the challenges are shared…



  3. Sanket@Wipro says:


    I would like more about analytics and reporting option provided by Dallas.

    How I can achieve Analyze option scenario programmatically for Excel 2007 and SQL server.

    Cheers, Sanket.

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