Microsoft Expression at 50% Off!

Hey friends – I just heard from Renee, the Microsoft Expression Product Manager, that there is a KILLER offer going on right now for a 50% off discount on Microsoft Expression Studio, Expression Blend and Expression Web when you buy through the Microsoft Online Store.  This offer is only good for a limited time, so if you’re in the market for Expression, get over to our new Online Store right now!  Expression Studio would make a GREAT gift for the most special people in your office. 


Note:  this offer is curerntly only available in the US.  If this changes, I'll let you know.

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  1. Hey friends – I just heard from Renee, the Microsoft Expression Product Manager, that there is a KILLER

  2. Chris says:

    I tried to purchase, but its only available in the limited countries of the store, is this offer going to be opened up for the rest of the world?

  3. ChrisKoenig says:

    @Chris – Sorry about that… I should have mentioned that this was available in the US only.  I’ve updated my post to indicate that.



  4. Dr_Shrinker says:

    Good luck even getting it in the US —

    I’ve spent the last 3 days trying to buy this program, but the "security" at the MS Store sounds like a classic Microsoft joke. I kept getting meaningless "credit card" errors, requesting I re-enter info. After a few tries, I called Microsoft (I knew the card was good b/c I just used it at a store). They told me I had to call my bank. My bank assured me the charges had been authorized, and made a point of lifting ANY security blocks. MS store STILL wouldn’t accept the charge. The second time I spoke to someone he suggested using another card; used the bank debit card (which I hate to do) and still nothing.

    Today spoke to the "credit protection team" (Microsoft is like Soviet Russia — everything means the opposite of what it really is) – they said the problem is that other people share this address. No duh. It’s an office suite. There are probably 30 or so small businesses here. Well, now that you’ve gotten clearance from the bank and my confirmation of the address, you can just manually override it and let me download  a $50 piece of software, right?

    Nope. This is Microsoft. No one can over ride the system. No one can change anything. The best they can offer is to "clear out all the old orders" and let me try again.

    Again, it’s like a bad Microsoft joke. Crappy e-commerce software that doesn’t work right, and NO way for actual humans to override or fix it. And since it means I’d have to pay $50 more, I don’t really WANT to go buy it somewhere else (as the "friendly" supervisor told me on the phone).

    How is it legal to refuse to sell to somebody because of their address?

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