Community Contributions: Entity Framework Learning Guide

One of our local area rockstars - Zeeshan Hirani - has released a 500+ page learning guide to Entity Framework.  In his words, this document was developed over time as a learning guide for him and his co-workers, and he hopes that you will also find it useful.  Check it out and let Zee know what you think.  A Sample Project goes along with the guide and is also available for download:

Entity Framework learning guide

Sample Project containing models

Comments (3)
  1. Emanuele says:

    Very good, it’s fantastic.


  2. Angelo says:

    I cannot open "Entity Framework learning guide". The error is that it seems a file not supported by Adobe Acrobat.


  3. ChrisKoenig says:

    I tried it today and it seems to be working.  Reach out to me through the Contact page here and I’ll mail it to you.


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