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bb352986_RampUp_logo(en-us,MSDN_10) SharePoint is one of the hottest topics around in the world of Microsoft development.  Are you an ASP.NET developer that is interested in learning more about developing in SharePoint?  If that’s you, then the SharePoint RampUp online course might be just what you’re looking for.  I believe the training is FREE as I’m not able to find a place to pay for anything, so the price is definitely right!

There are 5 session in the RampUp course:

  • Level 1: Web Parts
    Did you know that in SharePoint you can build pages as easy as in ASP.NET – and allow end users to create dashboards? Web parts allow for creating components of Web user interface that can be reused on multiple Web pages. These are introduced in ASP.NET and built on in SharePoint where they can be added to pages by end users and managed by IT Professionals. In this topic you will learn about building simple Web parts for SharePoint and how to connect them back to SharePoint site data.

  • Level 2: Data Lists
    Did you know that SharePoint developers can work with data from lists that users get access to too? Data lists provide data storage for end users in SharePoint. End users can create lists with schema all through the SharePoint user interface and they can create, edit, and view the data. All of this data can be programmatically accessed by developers and this topic is all about that.
  • Level 3: Event Handlers
    Did you know that SharePoint developers can automatically process data that your users upload via a spreadsheet? Event handlers (or event receivers) are custom code that runs on the SharePoint server in response to something that happens on the server. Event handlers can be useful for running business logic in response to data being added to the site. This topic shows how to create simple event handlers and investigates ways that event handlers can be used in SharePoint.
  • Level 4: Workflow
    Did you know that you can write WF workflows in SharePoint without having to worry about storage, persistence, or how to interact with the user? Workflow in SharePoint allows for implementation of processes that require interaction such as email approvals or form completion by people in your organization. This topic shows you how to create simple workflows in SharePoint using Visual Studio that involve approvals from people by email and for meeting room resource bookings with an administrator.
  • Level 5: Silverlight Web Parts
    Did you know that you can build rich Internet applications with SharePoint? Silverlight is a new Web user interface technology from Microsoft that allows for each implementation of animations and videos. This topic shows how a SharePoint user interface can be enhanced by using Silverlight in Web parts as part of a SharePoint site.

The courses are available over the web and are a mix of articles, webcasts, code-casts and virtual labs.  The content looks really good, so get out there and try them today!  Don’t forget to leave a comment here to let me know what you think of these RampUp courses, and what we could do to make them better!

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  1. sge says:

    There is a upcoming seminar about SharePoint in Sydney on DEC 9, 2008.

    Anyone who is interested in this can visit and register for joining it free of charge.

  2. Matt Moore says:

    Instructor-led training available at, also we do free 1 hour webinars as well.

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