10 Reasons The Zune Beats The iPod. Seriously.

Nice post by fellow DE Jeff Blankenburg on why Zune is WAY better than iPod.  I know that for me, I got rid of my iPod because iTunes was THE SLOWEST, MOST MEMOR HOGGING APPLICATION EVER WRITTEN and plugging my iPod into my computer caused it to crash all the time.  My Zune worked perfectly the first time, and I’ve never had ANY issues with it.  Solid piece of electronics with excellent features and a great company behind it.  I’ve since bought 3 more for the family and they love them!


This one is mine – what’s in your pocket?

Blankenthoughts | Blankenthoughts: 10 Reasons The Zune Beats The iPod. Seriously.

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  1. Kent Kingery says:

    Counterpoint.  I’ve had iTunes on my Windows laptops since the first version and have never had a single problem.  The integration between iTunes and the iPod is pretty much flawless for me (on everything from a Toshiba to a Dell to a Thinkpad, both XP and Vista).

    I have always maintained that you simply are gremlin-prone… 🙂


  2. Jeff Wood says:

    Maybe if Microsoft teamed up with a shoe maker,

    i.e Addidas or Reebok. I might get one, since I got my first iPod for the Nike+ app.

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