Silverlight 2 RTW on Oct 14, 2008


This represents a HUGE step forward for .NET and Web Developers everywhere.  Over 1 year in various alpha and beta versions, Silverlight 2 is finally released to the web.  For those of you that have been developing on Silverlight 2 Beta 2, there are some breaking changes that you’ll need to address, but if you download the RC0 developer tools, you can get a head start on addressing those issues.

Be sure to download the final Silverlight 2 RTW bits tomorrow from

For those of you not developing applications using Visual Studio and instead choose to work in Eclipse, we’re also announcing the release of a Technology Preview of Eclipse Tools for Silverlight - an open source development add-in that enables Silverlight Development in Eclipse.  Done in partnership with Soyatec, you can read more about it at

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