SQL Server 2008 RTM!


Grab your hats and clear out your bandwidth – it’s time to start downloading SQL Server 2008!  Previously codenamed “Katmai”, SQL Server 2008 represents some serious enhancements over SQL Server 2005 – read more about it at the SQL Server 2008 Press Release, the SQL Server Community Site, and SQLBlogs.com

Also, here’s the release schedule as I know it for the SQL Server 2008 Launch Wave:


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Comments (6)

  1. A L says:


    Thanks much for these dates.  Can you post the date that SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express will be released?  I’m hoping it’ll be the 11th!  Thanks much, AL

  2. ChrisKoenig says:

    AL:  I don’t have any other dates than these right now, but if I hear of anything else, I’ll update this post.  Stay subscribed and you’ll hear about it as soon as I do!



  3. Schnapple says:

    Any idea when the date will be for those of us with Heroes Happen Here vouchers?

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