All Hail the High Nerd!

I don't normally take these kinds of tests, and almost NEVER post my results, but my friend Todd posted his results, and I just had to try my hand at it.  I never thought I was *that*nerdy, but I figured I'd find out.  I'm not as Nerdy as Todd, but I'm still pretty nerdy... says I'm a High Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

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  1. says I’m an Uber Cool Nerd King – not sure if that is a good or bad thing…

  2. Todd Girvin says:

    At least we both scored low on the Dork rating.  It’s OK to be a nerd if you’re not a Dork, right?  Isn’t it?

  3. The test says that I’m a "Cool Non-Nerd," although I did score 55% on Sci-Fi. It would have helped if the test included Stargate in the Sci-Fi questions as my fiance and I own ALL the DVDs out so far.

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