Dallas TechFest

Dallas TechFest Logo OK folks - time to get serious.  Seriously 🙂

The new Dallas TechFest web site is now LIVE and registration is OPEN.  We're a quarter of our way to the registration cap already, so make sure you register soon.  TimR, ErikW, AdamK, JasonR, TimS and JasonK  are very busy putting together a fantastic program that includes sessions from .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python and more technologies.  The theme that ties all of these session together are Architecture and Interoperability. 

Just recently, the gang was able to secure the famous Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks and Run As Radio fame to give the keynote address.  Richard is an RD up in Canada, and a very experienced speaker.  I can't wait to hear his keynote!

The conference is on May 3rd at the Addison Convention Center - Seating is limited to 500 attendees, so register today!!!

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