Updating your Visual studio 2008 InstallFest Product key

VS08-pro_h_rgb For those of you that participated in the Visual studio 2008 InstallFest parties we helped host a wihle back, you should be receiving your VS08 Pro DVDs very soon, if you haven't already.  To help you get your installation updated with your full product key, Jake Good has prepared a great walkthrough on applying your new keys:

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If you run into any troubles "unlocking" your copy of VS08, please let me know.

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  1. Peter Levine says:


    Our group was using the trial version of VS 2008 Professional edition. It is installed on a remote virtual machine so we can’t load the media directly. We just purchased the media and now want to upgrade to our ‘real’ version. But there is no product key information of the CDs. How do we get this information?



  2. ChrisKoenig says:


    If you purchased VS08 Pro, then the Product Key should be on a sticker on the inside of the box.  The stickers are usually yellow, and have a 25-letter/digit key that you can enter.  If you follow Jake’s instructions, you should be able to upgrade.  If not, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help you out.



  3. @ranji says:

    i get visual 2008 software from niit but that cd no product key.So how to get the key to install the software

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