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I don't usually link-blog like this, but this announcement is just too cool not to get something out there:

Microsoft's Chris Satchell just announced that XNA Game Studios games can also be made for Zune. He showed off a brief demo of Zauri – a topdown shooter. XNA Zune games can also support custom soundtracks (this is an MP3 player after all). Satchell promises that you'll be able to take games from Windows, to Xbox, to Zune.

This is EXCELLENT news for people already immersed in XNA Game development as it gives them further reach for their applications, and gives us amateur game developers a chance to do more cool stuff with the Microsoft platform.  I hope this signals the beginning of a more open API to the Zune so that we can do even more with it!

One more reason why I'm SO glad I dumped my iPod so long ago...

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GDC08: XNA games coming to Zune - Joystiq

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  1. K. Ferrier says:

    Are there any games currently available for the Zune from any distributor?

  2. ChrisKoenig says:

    Not that I know of.  I’m betting that it will take a rev of the Zune OS and the XNA Game Studio product before we see something like that…

  3. A few months back I bought my first ever console. An occasional player of PC-based Real Time Strategy

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