Heroes happen {here} – launch dates finalized!


I just checked again on the Heroes happen {here} web site, and you can now register for all South Central Launch Events.  Here's a rundown on the schedule:

March 4 - San Antonio, TX

March 20 - Houston, TX

March 27 - Tulsa, OK

April 8 - Dallas, TX

April 29 - Baton Rouge, LA

Since the launch events are not coming to every city (sorry about that - I wish we could hit everywhere) talk to your local area User Group leader about hosting a Heroes Community Launch event.  Community Launch is a program that gives community leaders training and presentation materials that will enable them to lead their own local launch events. I bet if you ask them, they'd even let you help them put the event together!  If you need help finding the User Groups in your area, check out CodeZone, our online User Group portal.

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  1. Schnapple says:

    "To say thanks for taking part of this exciting launch, you’ll take home a promotional kit with versions of all three products."

    Which versions? I’m less concerned with "Standard" versus "Professional" and more interested in if it’s going to be similar to the VS2005 launch where the VS and SQL products were full versions

  2. ChrisKoenig says:

    Looks like Window Server 2008 Enterprise, Visual Studio 2008 Standard, and SQL Server 2008 CTP with a voucher for (I think) the Standard edition.  When I find out for sure about SQL Server, I’ll let you know.



  3. Costin says:

    !! I’ll check twice if I were you, back here in Sydney/AU the promotional kit includes:

    – 1 year evaluation licence for Windows Server 2008 (64/32 bit)

    – SQL Server 2008 CTP 5.0

    – VS 2008 Team System 90 days evaluation

    Here’s the link so you can see for yourselves (http://www.microsoft.com/australia/heroes/event_agenda_why_attend.aspx)

    Only today after I’ve send a few emails they’ve updated their website. Just cancelled my ticket ($200 for eval versions that you can download anyway .!.!.! )

  4. Ron Ward says:

    Any update on the versions?

  5. Roland says:

    Since I am a developer I am most interested in  VS2008 and a 90-day trial is pointless. I’m out…

  6. ChrisKoenig says:

    The information I have is that there are no evaluation copies – only not-for-resale copies of the full package product.

  7. Michael says:

    Not-for-resale copies of which VS 2008 editions?  Standard?  Professional?  I called the 800 number and they are no help.  Who can we call or e-mail and get an official answer?

  8. Jafin says:

    @Costin, The webpage for Sydney, AU used to state 12 month license for Server 2008 but now I can see no mention of that.  So it must be a full licence as I can see no further info on the page stating that it is anything but.  Of course if MS were to do a flip flop on this I assume you could approach the ACCC or some other watch dog organisation about possible misleading advertising.

  9. Chicago says:

    Any updates on what version of promotional kit would be given as I am regsitered for the chicago event on march 11th 2008.

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