InstallFest-ers – Fulfillment Site *almost* ready…

OK folks - as I mentioned at the Tulsa and Dallas InstallFest events last week, the product fulfillment website would open on Dec 10th.  Well - I went out there today, and they've moved the date to 12/12/07.  Nothing to worry about, AFAIK, but instead of signing up today, you'll have to wait until Wednesday.

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  1. FYI. Checked several time today (12/12/2007)

    still getting message: Check back on 12/12/07 for the opportunity to turn your trial version of Visual Studio 2008 into a fully licensed version.

  2. General says:

    A big thanks goes out to Chris Koenig and the Tulsa DNUG for hosting the Tulsa InstallFest on 12/3/2007

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