Tim Rayburn’s Blog – Oslo Announcement

Dallas-area BizTalk MVP Tim Rayburn gives us the scoop on the newly announced Microsoft Oslo project, which will bring further technological advancements to Microsoft’s Software+Services, SOA, MDD and Composite Application platforms. Check out Tim’s reaction on his blog:  Tim Rayburn’s Blog – Oslo Announcement Technorati Tags: Oslo , Microsoft , BizTalk , Software+Services , SOA…


So, you wanna be a game developer?

For those of you that have been following the tidal wave of interest in XNA Game development, there’s a conference coming up soon that you might find interesting.  This year’s Indie MMO Game Developers Conference is happening at the Minneapolis Convention Center on March 29th & 30th, 2008. For more information, check out Steve Loethen’s…


CoDe Magazine – Article: Use the ASP.NET MVC Framework to Write Web Apps without Viewstate or Postbacks

CoDe Magazine recently published an article by Microsoft Solution Architect MVP Jeffrey Palermo about the new Microsoft MVC Framework for ASP.NET: On October 6, 2007, Scott Guthrie officially unveiled the ASP.NET MVC Framework at the AltNetConf in Austin, TX. It’s interesting he chose to present it for the first time at this particular venue because…


Blog Series – ASP.NET Futures

I spoke last week at the Dallas ASP.NET User Group meeting about IIS 7.0.  The talk ended a little earlier than I expected, so we opened things up to general questions, and just started discussing whatever came up.  One question I asked the group was “have any of you played with the ASP.NET Futures release…


Code to Live – Rob Howard Interview

I totally forgot!  Code to Live posted the interview I did with Rob Howard about Microsoft releasing the Source Code for much of the .NET framework – here’s the snippet from the Code to Live web site: In this show, Rob Howard and Richard Hale Shaw discuss their opinions on opening up the .NET Source…


SilverlightAddict.com – a new Silverlight Developer Portal

If you’re interested at all in Microsoft Silverlight, then you MUST start following and contributing to SilverlightAddict.com.  This Community Server based site, run by Roger Guess, is a new Silverlight developer portal containing a blog and forums dedicated to making everyone a better Silverlight developer.  So far, most of the posts are Games based on…


Community Guy – Jake McKee » Community Contest 2007: Learning to Share

You guys care about community, right?  So does Jake McKee, a.k.a. "The Community Guy".  Located here in Dallas, Jake is all about Community – and not just the developer community…  If you’re interested in learning more about how to tap into your community, grow it and make it stronger – Jake is your guy. Over…


Tulsa TechFest 2007

This past weekend saw the Tulsa TechFest come back to the OSU Campus in Tulsa.  Tulsa TechFest 2007 was held over a 2 day period this year (Oct 19-20) instead of one, and contained 16 session tracks that included topics ranging from development on the web, Windows applications, ASP.NET, PHP, ALT.NET, Data Security and Architecture…


Microsoft Popfly – The Open Beta

Microsoft announced today at the Web 2.0 Summit that Microsoft Popfly, our Silverlight-based Mashup Editor, will enter a Public Beta, and no longer be invitation-only.  This is great news for fans of the popular Popfly as they will no longer have to go around looking for people with invitations to share with them – anyone…


Tim Rayburn [BizTalk MVP] on C# 3.0

If you’ve ever seen Tim present on this topic, you know how cool his presentations are.  Here’s a screencast of Tim doing is much requested "New Features in C# 3.0".  http://flash.timrayburn.net/introtocsharp3/ Technorati Tags: .net , c# , timrayburn