Houston TechFest and Houston BarCamp

I had a great time at the First Annual Houston TechFest on Saturday.  Official attendance count was 476 (WOW!), not counting all of us that presented or had booths in the hallway.  A humongous THANK YOU goes out to Michael, Michelle, John and everyone at HDNUG who made this event possible - it was a great event and I look forward to next year!  If you attended either of my 2 sessions (WPF in the morning or Silverlight in the afternoon) drop me a line and let me know who you are!  The rooms were packed and I didn't get a chance to meet everyone...

I also attended my first BarCamp at the Houston Technology Center on Saturday.  I zipped over there in Jared's RX8 after my Silverlight session to talk Silverlight with the BarCampers.  I really enjoyed the creative atmosphere at BarCamp; it was a great opportunity for me to meet with folks I don't normally get to see and make some new friends along the way! I was also very excited to participate in a great discussion around Microsoft Silverlight with many of the attendees.  I look forward to participating more in the upcoming BarCamps, including the one planned for September here in Dallas.  Thanks Erica for inviting me to come out!

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