Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook!

OK - So maybe you already know this, but I'm a total Keyboard Junkie.  The mouse is really cool for a lot of things, but with Office, I like to keep my hands on the keyboard and get "distracted" by the mouse as little as possible. With many of the new features in Office 2007, the mouse is a key part of the experience, and I've come to terms with that, but when I find a great keyboard shortcut, I just have to share it. 

The magic key sequences?  Control-<number key>.  When pressed, these key combinations show the following features within Outlook:

CTRL+1 - Email
CTRL+2 - Calendar
CTRL+3 - Contacts
CTRL+4 - To Do List
CTRL+5 - Notes
CTRL+6 - Folder List
CTRL+7 - Shortcuts
CTRL+8 - Journal (does anyone still use this?!?!)

I will be all about CTRL+1 and CTRL+2 as I attempt to navigate the 80+ gazillion emails I get everyday and try to keep my Outlook calendar more in sync with what I'm actually doing...

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  1. OK – So maybe you already know this, but I&#39;m a total Keyboard Junkie. The mouse is really cool for

  2. Loks says:

    Is there any shortcut or macro for not saving an email. I donot like to save emails which are irrelevant and occupy space.

  3. ChrisKoenig says:

    Depending on the situation, there are a couple of options.  What many of my friends do is choose not to save sent copies of emails (tools->options->email options) and then only CC themselves on anything they want to keep.  You can set up a rule to have everything sent to you from you moved to your Sent folder, and manage it that way.  You can also use rules to flag emails that you know you don’t want to keep and send them to the trash folder.  Look into the Rules options in Outlook and see if that meets your needs…

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