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Found on CodePlex, the Microsoft Open Source project hosting website:


The Coding4Fun Developer Kit 2008 Vol 1 (BETA) includes the following tools:

  • Bluetooth – implements 3 profiles: Serial Port, File Transfer and Object Push; plus provides Device Discovery and Service Discovery features of Bluetooth
  • Windows Vista Contacts – abstraction of the Windows Contacts API allowing developers to use Windows Vista’s Contacts data store plus support for importing and exporting vCards, searching for contacts and many more features
  • Messaging – this collection provides developers an easy to use set of tools and easy to follow documentation to create applications that use SMTP and POP3 features for emailing
  • Power Management – gain access in a simple way to cool Windows Vista Power Management features like rebooting, hibernating and locking a computer; get battery status on a laptop too
  • Windows Desktop Search – provides developers an easy way to create applications that use the built-in features of Windows Search; includes built-in quick search types for common file types like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and images plus many more
  • Windows Vista Picture Acquisition – exposes simple to use series of methods and properties to acquire pictures and videos from common devices like digital cameras
  • Preview Handler – allows developers to resolve predefined file types such as Microsoft Word , Visual Basic and Visual C# source files, images and many others in their own applications; create your own Windows Explorer with simple drag ‘n drop controls
  • SoundRecorder - record audio sounds and play them back information with Windows Vista's API
  • RSS ScreenSaver - create a simple cool RSS ScreenSaver based on the new Windows Communication Foundation
  • P2P Picture Share - share your pictures with family and friends with this easy to use fun P2P sample

Coding4Fun Developer Kit - Home


Note that the Coding4Fun Developer Kit REQUIRES Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, which you can download for free from the Microsoft website

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  1. Found on CodePlex, the Microsoft Open Source project hosting website: The Coding4Fun Developer Kit 2008

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