Connect: "Grava" CTP

From the web site:

This looks like a really exciting thing for developers, and I'll definitely be following it.  Enabling people to quickly, and easily create educational content  that adapts to individual learning styles will make future online education even better than it is now. 

Connect: "Grava" CTP

Also, if you've not checked them out, we - along with many other companies - have started using Innerworkings developer learning materials. They refer to their products as "learning", not "training" because the emphasis is on getting developers to perform the necessary tasks to learn their new skills rather than put them through the lecture/lab paradigm.  Feedback on this method has been outstanding, and I look forward to using it with more of my customers.  I'll let you know how "Real Live Developers" feel about this training learning style.

Innerworkings Web Site

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