SharePoint 2016: PSConfigUI.exe or PSConfig.exe wouldn’t start after CU install

Howdy SharePoint admins !

I am writing this blog because it wasted about an hour of my time trying to find a fix for it. Installed  SharePoint 2016 - Mar 2018 CU and then I tried to run the PSConfigUI.exe.

It does not come up. I click again and now it throws me the error "Only one copy of the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard can be run at a time."

Hmm.. Tried to look at the event logs.. nothing there. Looked at ULS, nothing there..

Tried to restart the SP Timer Service and the service would not even stop. I was left scratching SQL instance.

Hope it helps someone out there.


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  1. Did I miss the show? Is there any solution for this?

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