SharePoint 2016: How to Provision Project Web App


Well its been almost a month when SharePoint 2016 preview was released. The content of the blog may or may NOT be relevant when RTM is released.

I installed it on a HyperV VM with all in one servers.

Project Server has been a separate installer prior to this version. As a surprise and welcome move, the Project Server comes as an integral part of SharePoint 2016 Preview. No need for a separate installer.

Steps to provision a Project Server Web App Instance.

1. Create the Service Application “Project Server Service Application” by either running the Farm Config Wizard (my favorite for a Development Server) or by navigating to the Manage Service Application Page.

2. Start the “Project Server Service Application” service under the “Services on Server” Page.

3. Now, if you goto the Project Service Application, you will find that the link to create or provision a new Project Web Instance is missing. And so is the PowerShell command for New-SPProjectWebInstance. So million dollar question, how to create PW Instance?

4. Well, Create a New Site Collection (I chose a Team Site template, others may work too).

5. Once the Site Collection is created, Navigate to Site Settings –> Site Collection Features.

6. Enable “Project Web App Settings” feature and you have the site converted to a Project Web Instance.

7. Now, if you navigate to the Project Server Service Application, you’ll find your site listed there.

8. There are couple of other Project Server related Site and Site Collection feature worth activating and trying out.

9. Lastly, you can change the Project Web Instance permission mode by using the PowerShell cmdlet Set-SPProjectPermissionMode.


Thanks for reading. Leave comments if you have any questions.

Comments (2)

  1. Super! This tells me what I must try in my own preview install. I didn't realize Project Server was included. Thanks!

  2. maksemuz says:

    “Navigate to Site Settings –> Site Collection Features.” – where is it in SharePoint 2016 administration center? Could not find it.

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