Why cant I see windows authentication and anonymous authentication in IIS authentication section

Missing Options in IIS UI

Basically after installing the authentication modules in server manager you expect to see the UI as below.


But Ever faced this issue where you scratched your head thinking that where did some of my Authentication sections go missing and why I am not able to see them.

you go to sever manager roles and features see that you have installed the modules but where did it go missing.?????????

When we open inetmgr we are not able to see windows authentication and anonymous authentication in the authentication section.

So when we take a Process monitor we see that we are searching for some binaries in registry which is not at all present.


02:05:18.7747757 InetMgr.exe 1992 RegQueryValue

\AnonymousAuthenticationBinaries NAME NOT FOUND Length: 144
02:05:18.7765033 InetMgr.exe 1992 RegQueryValue HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\InetStp\Components\WindowsAuthenticationBinaries NAME NOT FOUND Length: 144


So when I am not able to fetch the binaries for the Authentication sections, my authentication sections wont be visible in IIS.

So thing we need to do is go to the registry editor and check if following keys are present.


If these are not present add a DWORD ‘AnonymousAuthenticationBinaries’ and DWORD ‘WindowsAuthenticationBinaries’ with value 1.

Extra Information:

So this registry is not specific to only the above mentioned authentication modules. it is applicable for all the modules in IIS. Every Module will have two DWORDS one with the module name and other with the binaries. Both are DWORDS with value 1.

Below are the screenshots of the various registry values for the modules that needs to be present in





So now you know what to do when you see that some of the options in IIS are missing Smile Smile Smile

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  1. Sangeetha says:

    Nice read . It was indeed helpful.

  2. Pooja says:

    Very well written 🙂 Keep blogging!

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