403.7 and 500 Client Certificate Authentication Errors-IIS

During the course of my work i have observed that troubleshooting client certificate authentication seems bit challenging as there is not much tools to collect appropriate data for it. However i am correlating a list of check points which has always helped me. When you have enabled client certificate authentication either using AD client certificate…


Keyset does not exist ( exception from HRESULT : 0x8009000D) or or 0x80090016 or 0x80090005 while changing Application Pool Identity in IIS

I have seen lots of people running into this specific issue in IIS 7+ and versions When we try to change the application pool identity of an application pool to a domain account we get the below error while committing the changes. There was an error while performing this operation. Details: Keyset does not exist…


Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack Portal issues and data collection

  Most common issues I have seen I  Windows Azure pack is the admin and tenant portal errors. When we see any runtime errors in the portals. Either the error might be because of configuration within the Admin/Tenant Site or it might be because the Admin API/Tenant API is throwing an error when a call…


Slow Response Automated Data Collection using FREB and debug diag

Recently I have come across many situations where we observe slowness and it is a challenge to collect the right data at the right time either because no one is available when the issue is happening to collect the data or issue is very intermittent. The normal way we actually follow is as below. 1….


Session Loss due to Application Domain Recycle-Advanced

In the previous blog we were discussing about the basics of app domain recycling and the steps we can take to confirm if app domain recycling is happening. We might come across a situation where from the steps explained previously we will come to know that app domain recycling is happening but we are not…


Session Loss due to Application Domain recycle- Basics

This is one of the most common issues that I see a lot and thought will blog about one of the reasons responsible for session loss. You might have observed sometimes that the application seems to be working fine and you observe one of the below 2 outcomes. 1) Intermittently one of the requests takes…


Error while running/starting a Website under IISExpress in Visual Studio

Recently I have come across several issues and have seen variosu queries in connect.microsoft.com and stakcoverflow where developers are unable to start or load their website in IISExpress all of a sudden and this remain unanswered. The issue may surface and we may receive different errors. Below are some of such errors 1. C:\Users\chiranth\Source\Workspaces\xxxxxxx\xxx\xxxxxxx\xxxl.WebUI.csproj :…


Application Request Routing and URL Rewrite – PART 1(Server Farms)

In my previous blogs I had mentioned how we can use URL rewrite without ARR in picture. In the next series of upcoming blogs I will be discussing how we can leverage ARR and URL rewrite with ARR. ARR is an out of band module available for IIS 7.x and onwards. ARR can be used…