Yammer Embed and SharePoint 2013

By Chris Hopkins Original Post http://blogs.msdn.com/b/chhopkin/archive/2013/11/20/yammer-embed-and-sharepoint-2013.aspx Well mostly just about Yammer Embed to help clear up some questions I get about its capabilities. Yammer Embed The Embed documentation on http://developer.yammer.com/connect/ specifically calls out 5 feed types that can be embedded using Yammer Embed today: My Feed (Home Feed), a Group Feed, a Topic Feed, a…


Controlling AutoConnect

Visio displays additional controls next to certain shapes when you hover the mouse over them to help you create connections to other nearby shapes or to drop new connected shapes into the diagram. You can read all about this feature here… http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visio/archive/2009/09/22/autoconnect-in-visio-2010.aspx If you are building your own template or your own solution for Visio…


Touch support for Visio Services in Office 365

If you are an Office 365 subscriber using Visio Services then you will be pleased to hear that we have made an update to Visio Services, changing the way we handle hyperlinks and navigation for a better user experience and especially an optimized touch experience. Single Hyperlink If a shape contains a single hyperlink, Visio…


Setting AssignedToId from JavaScript / JSON

Maybe someone already blogged about this but I could not find it. I needed to create new tasks in a tasks list on my SharePoint 2013 site but I could not get it to accept a value for the AssignedToId as I wanted to not only create the task but also assign it to the…


Training Resources for Visio

Visio 2013 Editions Confused by the different editions?  This chart breaks down the three editions and their high level features. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/visio/microsoft-visio-2013-plans-and-pricing-compare-visio-options-FX103791591.aspx Visio 2013 Feature list by edition This chart is a feature by feature comparison helping you understand which versions have which features. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/visio/microsoft-visio-2013-visio-version-comparison-FX103791748.aspx Visio Services capabilities http://blogs.office.com/b/visio/archive/2012/09/18/sharing-diagrams-with-visio-services.aspx End user and developer training videos Visit…


World’s Simplest OData service

Well maybe not the simplest…but very very simple. From time to time I need to do some testing against an OData service that is simple and implements basic functionality.  Sometimes I want this service to be accessible on the web, sometimes I just want it to be private to my VM.  For these scenarios I…


WiX for Visio add-ons and content deployment

Since Visual Studio has deprecated the standard MSI setup project in favor of WiX or other third party Windows Installer tools I have received many questions about using WiX for deploying Visio content; stencils, templates, add-ons, add-ins, etc. Nikolay Belyh has already released an extension to WiX/Visual Studio for this… You need the WiX Toolset…


Turn up logging for Visio Services

As users start publishing Visio diagrams, especially data connected diagrams, to Visio Services you may find the need to troubleshoot rendering and refreshing errors. All Visio Services activities are logged to the trace log.  Where is your trace log?  By default it is located at Also, by default, Visio Services is set to a Medium…


Using Visio with a touch device

Today Microsoft released a video that demonstrates the various touch controls for use when creating diagrams with Visio 2013 Professional. Click here to watch the video and learn more about using touch based devices with Visio. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/videos/build-visio-diagrams-using-touch-VA104085194.aspx


Automate moving data connected Visio diagrams

As many of you know, connecting data to Visio diagrams is easy and sharing them via Visio Services in SharePoint is even easier.  But what happens when you decide to move a data connected Visio diagram to another site, site collection, or even a different farm? If you take a Visio diagram that is connected…