Complete mash up example for Visio Services

Attached to this article is a set of files that help demonstrate the basic capabilities that Visio Services can provide to a dashboard in SharePoint; rendering any Visio diagram, refreshing data connected to shapes, querying properties of the shapes using JavaScript, highlighting shapes using JavaScript, and displaying custom HTML panels next to shapes within the…


Visio Services presentation at Tech Ed 2014

If you attended Tech Ed 2014 this week you may have attended my session on building dashboards using Visio Services. Recording of the session is posted here… Content for deck and demos are attached below.

A new video showcasing the power of Visio + ShapeSheet + Automation

Saveen Reddy just posted a new video where he talks about unlocking the power of Visio via ShapeSheet and the automation capabilities that allow you to build applications that generate Visio diagrams automagically!