Help for the ShapeSheet is here

Ever wish there was an easier way to work with the ShapeSheet when creating shapes?  Maybe you just want to watch a few cells as you make changes to shapes to help you understand the relationships without all these large ShapeSheet windows open that clutter your view. Nikolay Belyh has created such a tool that…

Getting Praises from your Yammer network

A few of you have been asking if it is possible to see a list of praises across your networks.  This is possible and there is an API that allows you to do this. A Praise is wrapped in a standard Yammer message so it is easily accessible via the messages API If you…


Showing the document version number on a Visio document

…without using code! You probably know that a document that is stored in a SharePoint document library can have multiple versions if Versioning is enabled for that document library.  If this is the case that document have a version number that is displayed in SharePoint when you look at the item in the document library…


Updated Yammer App for SharePoint

I have had a few customers ask me why their Yammer App for SharePoint is no longer loading the initial configuration screen that allows you to choose what the app is connected to After adding the Yammer App to a page on your site you should see… but instead you see this screen forever… All…

UI Design Shapes

Here is a set of shapes for UI design that include various elements like controls, calendars, frames, etc. in native Visio format as well as SVG which is also supported by Visio. Download Here

iPhone Application Design Shapes

I stumbled across a set of shapes dedicated to iPhone application design. Download here