Training Resources for Visio

Visio 2013 Editions

Confused by the different editions?  This chart breaks down the three editions and their high level features.

Visio 2013 Feature list by edition

This chart is a feature by feature comparison helping you understand which versions have which features.

Visio Services capabilities

End user and developer training videos

Visit the Visio YouTube channel

Visio Developer Training videos and content

Visit the MSDN site for a collection of training videos and content targeted at developing solutions for Visio Services.

Developing Visio Solutions

Developers reference for shape and add-in development.

MVP Blogs

John Goldsmith

David Parker

Chris Roth

Michel Laplane (France)

Senaj Lelic (Germany)

Ed Richard (Australia)

Comments (1)

  1. Scott Helmers says:

    Chris — might I suggest you add "Visio 2013 Step by Step" and "Visio 2010 Step by Step"? Both are available from all the usual online and brick and mortar book stores.

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