Visio Services Mashup API walk thru

Recently I created a guide that I would like to share with you that demonstrates how the JavaScript API in Visio Services can be used to build custom dashboards on your SharePoint 2010 sites. This guide contains a document that explains the JavaScript API functionality and the VWA web part, as well as the JavaScript…


Visio 2010 Beta SDK released

If you have not yet seen the post on the Visio Insights blog, click here to get the beta SDK for Visio 2010.

Ribbon extensibility for Visio Solutions in Visio 2010

Yesterday Microsoft announced the availability of the BETA for Visio 2010.  If you have not seen my blog post on this click here and download your copy of the BETA today. Today I want to share with you a guide that I developed which walks you through the process for adding a Ribbon based UI…

Visio 2010 – Rich icons for your masters

Visio 2010 adds Live Preview functionality to stencils so that you can provide a rich view of your custom shapes. Read this article from the product team to learn how to enable this functionality in your custom stencils, Live Rendering Shapes in Visio 2010. Click here to download a sample stencil that uses this new…

What does 64 bit mean for the Visio add-in developer

With the release of Visio 2010 you have the choice to install either the 32bit version or the 64bit version.  What version you are able to install depends on: The target operating system.  In order to install 64bit Visio you must have a 64bit operating system. The version of Office that you have installed.  Office…

Visio 2010 BETA is here!

Attention Visio developers, the BETA for Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 has just shipped and can be downloaded from the following links: Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 (x86) Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 (x64) In you have not visited the Product Team’s blog do so now at to read about new functionality directly from the product team….

Visio 2010 – Check the Edition at Runtime

With the release of Visio 2007 you could no longer rely on just a check to see if Visio was installed, you also needed to know the Edition or SKU that was installed if you were to use the Data Linking or Data Graphic capabilities via the API.  Now with the release of Visio 2010…

Customize the Server shape with Visio Guy

The Visio Guy site released a new tool that will help you customize the icon on the Server shape that ships with Visio so that you can easily create a server shape that represents your individual needs. Take a look at the article and download the tool today.

Visio 2010 Product Team blog

I just wanted to publicize the Visio Product team’s blog which is being updated with important articles about the new features and APIs that will be available with the release of Visio 2010.

Visio 2007 Add-in for Operations Manager 2007 R2 Released

Recently we released a new add-in for Visio 2007 that allows you to connect your diagrams to data from an Operations Manager server. To download this new add-in or to read more details please visit the System Center Operations Manager blog.