Accelrys Announces SUpport for Office SharePoint Server

Yesterday, Accelrys, a provider of scientific business intelligence software and services, put out a press release on their support for Office SharePoint Server 2007 in their Pipeline Pilot Enterprise Server offering. We’ve started introducing this combination to chemical companies looking to increase the productivity of their team and increase the use and re-use of the…


Re-Cap of THE UMT Portfolio Management Webcast Featuring FMC

UMT delivered a nice webcast yesterday featuring Blaik Halling, Project Manager and Senior Research Associate with FMC.  You can access the recording by sending an email to marketing(@) We had a good-sized audience for the event, and I thank those of you who also read the blog for attending.  The size of audience proved to…


Chemical Companies Embracing New Concepts Like Software PluS Services

We sponsored a CIO Magazine virtual conference called “The Intelligent Enterprise” back in November.  The live event was broadcast on November 12th, but you can access all the content through May 15, 2009 (you need to register to view it). The conference was built around a number of topics including business intelligence, enterprise applications, software…


Eastman Innovation Lab and Kor One

The inaugural Strategic Marketing and eMarketing in the Chemical Industry event finished yesterday.  It was a terrific couple of days and I made great connections with some of the leading marketers in the industry.  Every presentation was valuable, and I’ve spent much of today pouring through my notes digesting all the presentations, conversations and follow…


Overcoming Challenges in Innovation – September 23 Webcast with UMT Consulting

The chemical industry remains a very dynamic industry where managing and optimizing your portfolio of businesses is critical to the long-term health of your business.  The same holds true in chemical R&D, and many R&D groups I talk to have a big focus on improving their visibility into their chemical R&D projects and investments.  The…


Solution Connector for Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007

This may be an obscure post to some of you, but for those of you working on Innovation Management solutions for Microsoft, you will be happy to hear that we released the Solution Connector for Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007.  This will allow you, among other things, to automate the promotion of funded ideas…


Microsoft Research Chem4Word Project

Microsoft Research, in partnership with Dr. Peter Murray-Rust and his team at the Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, is investigating the introduction of chemistry-related features in Microsoft Office Word.  To read about this project, visit our research site here.


Microsoft Announces Enterprise Innovation Management Initiative

We issued a press release today about our innovation management initiative.  I have blogged about this a few times in the past in one form or another.  Our innovation management initiative is a cross-industry initiative and is really aimed at how our customers can use the Microsoft platform to accelerate the innovation process, and ultimately…


Microsoft at the Upcoming PDMA & IIR’s Front-End of Innovation Conference

I was reading a colleague’s blog the other day who was excited to be home after a bunch of travel so that he could get back to blogging.  I find it the opposite – I tend to blog more when I travel than I do when I am home.  As you can tell, I have…


IFF creates new global director of Innovation for Fragrance Division

ChemWeek reported today that Judith Gross of IFF was named to Global Director, Fragrance Innovation.  The press release mentions a couple of interesting things.  For one, she will have a dedicated team focused on new alliances and partnerships, and secondly the press release notes how innovation is becoming increasingly important in their marketplace. Slowly, but surely…