Webcast Question Follow-Up: Scalability of Dynamics CRM

I just received all the questions that were on the webcast.  I’ll go through those over the next several days.  One that indirectly came up, was the scalability of Dynamics CRM. The day after the webcast, we released the following information on Dynamics CRM scalability.  Working with Intel, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 scaled to more…

ChemWeek Sales Productivity Webcast on Dynamics CRM

Thank you to everyone who joined today’s webcast highlighting Arch Chemical’s experience deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help the drive sales productivity. We weren’t able to get to all the questions, so I am working on getting a hold of them and answering any that are broadly relevant on the blog in a future post….


Tackling the Sales Productivity Challenge

I was invited by ChemWeek to contribute a blog entry for the upcoming webcast on June 2nd @ 10:00am Eastern, highlighting Arch Chemicals use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to drive sales productivity. You can find the blog post here (subscription may be required).  The blog post explains our point-of-view on how technology can be used…


Join Arch Chemicals and Microsoft on Dynamics CRM Webcast with ChemWeek

Arch Chemicals is a long time user of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for both sales and customer service, and they have a great story to tell about why they chose Dynamics CRM, and how they use it in their diverse portfolio of businesses. I invite you to join us for a webcast through ChemWeek.    …


Strategic Marketing and emarketing in the chemical industry

On October 8th and 9th in Atlanta, Georgia, Microsoft is sponsoring the Strategic Marketing and eMarketing in the Chemical Industry conference put on by Jacob Fleming. I will be speaking on the eMarketing platform and what chemical companies can do today to take their eMarketing investments to the next level. You can get an overview…


SharePoint and Dynamics CRM Integration…and a good Dynamics CRM blog

I sat in on Ben Vollmer’s session today at Convergence today.  The topic was focused on how to integrate Dynamics CRM into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.  He started the session asking how many folks in the room (probably about 200-300 people) had deployed Dynamics CRM…about 80% of the hands went up.  He then asked how…