Microsoft Acquires Process Manufacturing Solution

I’m excited to write that yesterday we announced the acquisition of four industry solutions including a process manufacturing solution for Dynamics AX from Fullscope, Inc.

These acquisitions signify our continued commitment to driving innovation for our process manufacturing customers and partners and is consistent with our industry strategy to build a foundation of industry functionality into the Microsoft Dynamics product line.

Most of our process manufacturing Dynamics AX customers are mid-sized companies or subsidiaries/divisions of large, global companies.  Having this common industry functionality delivered as part of Dynamics AX helps increase predictability and expedite the rate of innovation for our customers.

Process Industries for Microsoft Dynamics AX adds key capabilities including:

  • Control of continuous or near-continuous manufacturing processes involving flexible formulas and recipes
  • Quality management
  • Integrated tracking of raw materials, by-products and co-products, and finished goods
  • Multi-dimensional end product and inventory control

Click here for more information on the acquisition and for more information on Process Industries for Microsoft Dynamics AX.


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