Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration Using SharePoint 2007

Guest blogging today is Dave Lassiter.  Dave is our Solutions Director for Manufacturing & Resources and is responsible for solutions that we take to multiple vertical markets inside of the Manufacturing & Resources sector.  One of those solutions is Supply Chain Visibility & Collaboration. -Brian ~~~~~ Microsoft and AMR Research recently presented a webinar  on…


Webcast Question Follow-Up: Scalability of Dynamics CRM

I just received all the questions that were on the webcast.  I’ll go through those over the next several days.  One that indirectly came up, was the scalability of Dynamics CRM. The day after the webcast, we released the following information on Dynamics CRM scalability.  Working with Intel, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 scaled to more…

ChemWeek Sales Productivity Webcast on Dynamics CRM

Thank you to everyone who joined today’s webcast highlighting Arch Chemical’s experience deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help the drive sales productivity. We weren’t able to get to all the questions, so I am working on getting a hold of them and answering any that are broadly relevant on the blog in a future post….